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Natalie Eng

I thought I was thriving by being constantly busy, running on coffee, and saying yes to every opportunity I could. I didn’t realize how hard it was on myself trying to balance everything at once and I didn’t realize how much less time I was living for my faith.

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Sarah Stone

The instant I walked into our first meeting I began to compare myself to the other girls in the room. Did they dress like me? Look like me? Did everyone have a boyfriend except for me? I thought the answers to all of these questions are what would determine my self worth for the next 9 months, but thankfully that was not the case.

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Madison Welche

I remember being 19 or so and crying out to God, “Please Lord, I don’t want to pass this on to my future daughters. I don’t want to continue this pattern into their lives!”  And so amazingly Jesus responded with, “Then we have to start at home base.”

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