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Don’t be a scared turtle!

We can so easily let ourselves become turtles that shrink back inside our shell everytime someone makes a comment or questions what we’re doing. I’m not just talking about blogging, I’m talking about anything that you’ve set your mind to or anything God’s places on your heart. If anything, do it for Him and no one else. 

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My Pinterest Dream Come True

Ya’ll! I cannot express enough how excited I am to be finally be sharing this shoot with you guys. I had been dreaming about this shoot for about a year and a half.

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Why do it alone?

Paul commands us to have nothing to do with anxiety and everything to do with prayer. Sadly, many of us reverse this and worry about everything, praying only as a last resort! It’s easier to worry, fret, get heartburn, lose sleep, yell at our husband or friends, the kids, or our roommates than it is to pray. We’ve flip-flopped the biblical prescription, not in belief but in practice.

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